What is Blackbird?

MFA level teachings without the MFA price tag (and attitude), the Studio provides smart, practical, affordable long-term teachings for writers at all stages in their process. From beginning to advanced, if you are looking for a literary home from idea to publication, try us out.

The Blackbird Process:

The first stop is Studio I, which includes two classes: Scene vs. Exposition and Bones of Storytelling. Build your own SI by taking already recorded classes or attending live workshops. (Click here to sample a class). 

Once the SI basics are out of the way, you’re invited into the longer-term Studios, where we workshop on your current projects and study novels, memoirs, and short story collections.

These Studios have ten to twelve writers of various levels and genres, providing you with high-end, in-depth feedback.

Visit our classes page for more specifics.

Please send us a note about your story idea and literary hopes for more personalized support.