The Bones of Storytelling: Self Study

Online Creative Writing Course

You’re working on your book, but you get to about page seventy-five and feel…lost.

Or, you’ve finished what feels like a decent draft, but once again, you are…well…baffled.

Or, you WANT to write a book and have had one percolating within for years but are not going one step forward until you understand what it is you are taking on…

Sound familiar?

No matter where you are in your creative process, the Bones of Storytelling will provide a map to a finished book by teaching you the underlying laws of the story.

Bones is packaged into ten fun, accessible, and interactive videos.

This class will change how you think about the story and your approach to your project. You will leave energized, empowered, and inspired to get to work.


1) How to go from idea to concept
2) Why theme matters
3) How to define and apply plot to your work
4) How to create memorable characters
5) Structure systems
6) How to map your book on a structure chart
7) How to define and work with antagonistic forces
8) How to apply setting with impact
9) How to get through drafts one and two