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Best Creative Writing Online Courses for Beginners to Advanced

Bones of Storytelling and Scene/Exposition/Progressions teach you everything you need to be a successful writer.

In Bones, learn all the basics of a good story; Concept, theme, plot, character development, structure, antagonistic forces, and setting. Next, apply these basics to your project and form a “writing plan” to get your draft written.

In SE&P, dig into “show, don’t tell” and learn precisely what that often used term actually means, then learn about the arc in every scene that adds your tension, and finally apply all three to your current writing.

Bones: Fall Live Debreif Open for Registration:

Oct. 9, 2024/Wed AM: 10:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. PST

Oct. 9, 2024/Wed PM: Bones 5:15-7:15 p.m. PST

Live on Zoom. Beginners to advanced. All welcome.

Scene/Exposition/Progression + Peer Mentorship

This is an open enrollment, please contact Jennifer directly for details


Memoir vs. Novel 


In-House Retreats

Summer Studio – SOLD OUT

The Summer Studio is six classes, every other week, from June to August with Carolyn and April.

You will workshop with your peers, continue being part of a supportive community, and keep your project going over those long summer months.

Dates/Times/Days: June 11 to Aug. 20, 2024/9:30 a.m. PST to noon/Tuesdays

The cost is on a sliding scale of $350.00-$500.00.

Turning Point Intensive

August 2024: This advanced retreat is for those who have a full or nearly done draft. You need to know your beginning, middle, and end and have writtten through at least one draft.

We’ll spend three days to discuss that draft from the perspective of the core value, structure and plot.

You’ll leave with a clear plan for your revision, a controlling idea, and a definitive plot.

If you are interested in attending, inquire directly at

Studio I:



SI: Bones of Storytelling:

Ten video lectures w/handouts, a reading list, and suggested assignments. Sample a class now: Click here

Whether you’ve not written since high school or have a finished manuscript, this recorded class will teach essential tools on plot, structure, antagonistic forces, and more. You have the option to debrief live with a group in Oct. 2024 (see above), or book with a peer mentor. Contact Jennifer for costs/details.

Once finished, take a live or recorded Scene, Exposition & Progression (below).

Cost to take video class now: $325.00

SI: Scene, Exposition and Progression:

Six video lectures on how to write compelling scenes that draw and hold the reader’s attention, when and how to incorporate exposition, and how to progress the action in a coordinated balance with antagonistic forces.

The recorded program includes handouts, a reading list, and suggested assignments. You have the option to debrief live with a group in January, or book with a peer mentor. Contact Jennifer for details.

Cost to take video class now: $225.00

Jennifer and her team are here to consult:

Full Manuscript Reviews

You’ve written your book but is it good? Should you send it to agents? Self-publish it? Do you need another rewrite?

With thirty+ years of writing, editing, and publishing experience, Jennifer and her mentors are here to celebrate your accomplishment and tell you the truth.

We read your book carefully, pay close attention to craft and structure, and write a multiple-page report of insights, suggestions, and comparables. A full manuscript read gives you a clear path forward.

Costs: Jennifer $3000. Mentors $1500-$2000. Write to and tell me about your book. 


One-on-one support elevates your craft, deepens your craftg understanding, sustains your vision and renews your inspiration.

Serious writers at the Studio use the one-on-one support to push themselves to the next level.

Jennifer, or one of the mentors (April/Carolyn) or peer mentor (Sarah) will pre-read your work, make notes, ask questions and then meet with you via Zoom to discuss. You leave with a recording and a plan. 

Costs: Jennifer $145-$160.00 for up to 2500 words. April/Carolyn: $70 for 1000 words, $7 per additional 250. Sarah: $65 for 1000 words, $6.5 per additional 250.


I love your teaching style. You’re so passionate and real about the art form. You remind us to sit in the mystery of the unknown. You show us what it takes to go the distance. I love the behind-the-scenes of your own writing and publishing process. 

– Jadah