Blackbird Peer Mentorship

To become the greatest writer you can be, sometimes a supportive mentor is key.

Peer mentorship is a unique offering for  writers at the Studio who want or need a little extra support

While the one-on-one consults and classes are devoted to the specifics of your craft, mentorship offers support at the level of process and craft:

Process questions might be:

I don’t know how to get or give good feedback.

I am unsure how to take the feedback I receive and use it to the best advantage.

I’m struggling with confidence in my writing.

I’m noticing an emotional shake-up from the topic I’ve landed in.

I can’t seem to organize myself to get the work done and am struggling with time management.

I need help with the organization of my overall project.

I have challenges understanding complex topics like plot or multi-dimensional character development.

I’m losing joy…how do I keep the fun in the writing?

I’m lost about what exactly I want to write

I’m overwhelmed; how do I cope?

Is it okay to hear the good and leave the more critical stuff behind?

Craft challenges include:

Studio terminology like: core desire, consequection, attack sentence, plot, structure, progressions, escalation, scene, exposition, passive construction

April Streeter SII

Carolyn Biemer SIII

In Studio II and III, April and Carolyn are like you but are a few steps ahead on the path and have the wisdom and experience to address and overcome challenges that arise. Mentorship aims to provide both personal care and attention to help you synthesize all the moving parts of this art form and the emotional complexities of the experience.

How does peer mentorship work?

Like all consults, the first step is to let Jennifer or Cloie know you’d like to book an appointment. When you do this, please let us know your biggest concern and hope for the consult. We pair you up with your chosen mentor and you two get things going around scheduling and what to submit. Yes, you can submit up to a thousand words of actual writing or an overview of your project to be read and discussed, but remember your mentor will not be pushing you at the craft level. They are not going to be “critiquing” you as much as supporting your vision. The time with your mentor, about thirty to forty five minutes of conversation, is about the broad strokes of your project. Mentors act as sounding boards.

How much does it cost?

The base fee is $65.00 per session includes the pre-reading your mentor will do (up to 1000 words). Beyound 1000 words, add $6.50 per each additional 250 words).

You’ll also have a few emails back and forth to prep for your face to face meeting via Zoom.

You coordinate payments with Jennifer and Cloie.

Email us to get started and put “Peer Mentorship” in the subject head: