Starting with Studio I:

If you’ve spent any time writing and sharing that writing, you understand the vulnerability and intimacy of this work. Fiction or creative non-fiction (memoir) crack a heart open. Joining a boundaried, respectful, and smart collective is essential to both success and sustainability.
That’s why we start here. Studio I is like a safe dock where you sit and dip your toe in the water. You learn a bit of the shared language used, terms like: concept, theme, plot, character development, structure, antagonistic forces, setting, and then scenes. You learn, think, plan, play, dream, and yes, write. In the two classes that are here, under the header of SI, you emerge with a vision for your whole project and a tool kit to help get it written.
Scroll down and on the right you can find the virtual, self study program or continue here for details on the live class offering:
Upcoming Class: Feb. 17 – Apr. 21
Thursday evenings via Zoom
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. PST

Tuition: $425.00

Scholarship may be available

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Jennifer is also here to consult:

Editing Services

You’ve written your book but have no idea if it is any good. You want to send it to agents, or even self publish, but suspect you need a professional opinion.
With 30+ years of writing/editing/publishing experience, I read through your finished manuscript a couple times and write up a multiple page report and insights on how to grow your craft and improve your structure.
Contact me at for costs and availability.

One on One

We meet via Zoom at the set time and go over your pages on screen share. I record the session and mail your pages back to you.

Cost is $145.00 for a minimum of 2500 words and $14.50 per additional 250 words.

Contact me at with questions or to etup an appointment.

Summer Studio & Retreat

Summer Studio Mixer: This four week Zoom class is for current students. 2022 Dates/Times TBA There are two time options, AM or P.M. 

Cost: $265.00

Summer Retreat: 2022 Topic still under discussion. Dates/Times TBA

Watch this space.

Cost: $425.00


SI Self Study Option

SI: Bones of Storytelling: Meet Jennifer virtually and learn all your foundations. Bones is ten hours long, with handouts you can click and print, as well as suggested assignments. You will walk away knowing how to write a wonderful book and be ready for Scene vs. Exposition.

Cost: $325.00

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SI: Scene vs. Exposition: This is the next stop of SI. Did you know that most writers create stories with 85% exposition and 15% scene? This class teaches you to flip that equation and how to write compelling, memorable scenes that draw and hold the reader. As with Bones, this is a recorded video teaching you follow at your own pace, with handouts you click and print! Easy. Fun. Enlightening. Once done, you’re ready to get into a longer term Studio!

Cost: $225.00

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