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Year one at the Studio provides the foundation for long term success.

Spend your first ten weeks in the Bones of Storytelling program to envision the whole of your project and hone your writing strategy. Next comes five weeks of scene and exposition study paired with workshop practicum.

You’ll also be encouraged to meet the wider Studio community by observing one or two of the immersion series.

Schedule: Jan 13 – May 5 (two weeks off in March)

Thursday evenings via Zoom
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. PST


$250.00 (optional)

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Jennifer is also here to consult:

Editing Services

You’ve written that book but now have no idea if it is any good. You want to send it to agents, or even self publish, but suspect you need a professional opinion. That’s where I come in.

With 30+ years of writing/editing/publishing experience, I will read through your finished manuscript a couple times, and write up a 10+ page report about your POV, structure, antagonistic forces, plot, character, and genre. I’ll look at sentence construction too, and offer tips on how to grow your craft. Finally, I’ll provide several revision options for your next draft.

Cost is on a sliding scale from $1800.00-$3800.00 and I leave it to you to set your price.

Contact me at to get on my calendar.

One on One

1) Email to book a single consult.

2) I send date and time options.

3) Pick your date and then email your pages for review.

4) We meet via Zoom at the set time and go over the pages on screen share. I record the session and mail your pages back to you.

Cost is $145.00 for a minimum of 2500 words, with Jennifer. With one of her skillful students, the rate varies. Additional words can be added too. Discuss when you email me: to ask questions or setup an appointment.

Summer Studio & Intensive

Summer Studio Mixer: This four week Zoom class is for current students who have studied with Jennifer in the past, or those who have been interviewed and accepted for enrollment. There are two time options, AM or P.M. 

Cost: $265.00

Memoir Intensive: This is a teaching from my new book tentatively titled: You Should Write a Memoir. I’ll take writers through this dewy new teaching, explaining all I’ve learned in my thirty years of writing, and teaching, this necessary and transformative genre. Prompts, exercises, directions, insights, and examples. This is a whopper of a teaching and you’ll leave with a clear plan for writing your own memoir at long last, or revising the one you have been working on for all these years.

Dates: Aug. 20-23, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Fri-Mon

Cost: $425.00-Sold Out!

Online option via recorded classes: $250.00 email for details, or sign up below by clicking and go directly to the registration page



Bones of Storytelling, in an audio format, is like attending a class. It’s been recorded in an actual class, so you enjoy that sense of being a fly on the wall. There is a combination of audio and video too. Bones teaches all your foundations: concept, theme, outlining, structure for commercial work/literary work/memoir, plot, antagonists forces, inner and outer arc, setting, and strategies for your first and second drafts. Bones is ten hours long, with handouts you can click and print, as well as suggested assignments. You will walk away knowing how to write a wonderful book.

Cost: $325.00

Bones of Storytelling Audio
Scene vs. Exposition: Most writers create stories with 85% exposition and 15% scene. This class teaches you to flip that equation and how to write compelling, memorable scenes that draw and hold the reader. As with Bones, this is a recorded teaching done during a live class.

Cost: $225.00

Scene vs. Exposition Audio