30 Week Studio Classes

12 students per class

Tuesday – from 11:30-2:30 (space avail)
Thursday – from 11:30-2:30 (space avail)
Thursday – from 6:00-9:00 p.m. (full)

* Long distance audio option available

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Ninety hours of teaching per Studio. We dig into novels, memoirs, short stories and essays, and pull them apart to expose craft technique. We practice those techniques in our own work! Then comes the best part of the Studio: workshop. Writers read to the group and develop rapport and trust with their peers. This connection helps writers go even deeper in their work.

Plus: Special offerings by guest teachers, literary agents, and editors, teaching podcasts and blog postings, a student Facebook site page, and a critique circle for manuscript evaluation.

Become a better writer, now. Get into a class. There’s room for you.

Requirements to attend: Application, interview, deposit and The Bones of Storytelling (an audio class on structure).

* Don’t live in Portland but want to participate? The classes are taped and you can follow along at your own pace.

Jennifer Lauck is available
to help in the following categories

Developmental Evaluations

This is a survey of your entire project. Jennifer reads your book a couple times, makes light line edits, and studies the whole. She writes a 6-10 page report on your book, noting what’s working, why, and what’s not working and how to fix it. There is a one hour follow up meeting, on line, or in person, to discuss the entire project. Writers leave this experience with clear direction for a redraft.
Sliding scale: $1500.00-3000.00

One on One Consultation

The one on one consults are for the writer who needs individual attention. The process is to submit 5000 word max (double spaced). Jennifer reads the pages, line edits, and then meets with the writer to discuss the positives and challenges within the work. She provides advice, examples, and homework.

$125.00 per consult, a three meeting minimum.

Beach Retreat

Every summer, a small collective of writers come together to immerse in literary studies with Jennifer at her Manzanita getaway.
Watch this space for dates and times: TBA

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Audio Class

The Bones of Storytelling is a entry level class for everyone interested in concept, theme, plot, structure, setting and antagonistic forces. This class, with handouts, will fill in the gaps in your current knowledge about storytelling and provide you with tools to make your writing snap.
Bones of Storytelling
w/Jennifer Lauck
Audio Class-$220.00
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