Four Studio Options

Studio I: Tuesday – 11:30-2:30 p.m.
Studio III: Tuesday – 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Studio II: Thursday – 11:30-2:30 p.m.
Studio IV: Thursday – 4:15-7:15 p.m. (on line)

Cost on a sliding scale between $500 & $2200.00

Apply Here

Each Studio is a collective of twelve writers who meet weekly, starting in Sept. and ending in May.

The writers have been interviewed and placed in the Studio that best suits them.

Once in a group, writers read novels, memoirs, short stories and essays, and discuss the craft of the author. They also workshop pages from their personal projects and receive critical feedback designed to inspire and encourage.

Plus: Guest teachers, literary agents, and editors. Access to podcasts, a critique circle for manuscript evaluation and audio options for “on the go,” study.

To join us: Fill out an application and then I’ll email a request for a sample of your writing, we’ll have an interview, you’ll sit in a class, and if all goes well, you’ll be placed in a Studio.

Jennifer is also here to help
to help via consultation:

Editing Services

Developmental: For the writer seeking direction and advice about a finished draft.

Comprehensive Editing: For the writer who wants someone to do the edit that will take the book to the next level,

Copy Editing: For the writer ready for that final polish (not available until Fall 2019).

NOTE: The latter two services are best when coming via a publisher or agent, but if you believe your writing is strong enough, I’ll hear you out.

To get more information on which service will work best, cost options, and my schedule, email me at

One on One Consultation

The one on one consults are for writers who need individual attention on a smaller scale.

The process is that you contact me at, indicate you’d like to submit a small sample of work, and then we’ll chat a bit about where you’re at in your journey, and what you need. If I can help, you will then submit your work, I will read your the pages, make line edits, and then meet with you. In our conversation, I will answer your questions and provide writerly advice. The minimum submission is 2500 words and the cost is $125.00. Add $10.50 per additional 250 words.

Summer Studio &
Beach Retreat

If you are not ready to commit to a longer program, the Summer Studio is a way to “try out” a class. This June, we will meet Thursdays in Portland (and yes, there is an audio option too). The program is titled “Becoming a Writer,” and is inspired by Michelle Obama’s new book, Becoming. We will study her technique, and discuss a short novel as well. Finally, you’ll be given tools to help outline your book memoir or novel!

Summer Studio
The Beach Retreat, July 7-9, is another way to “try out” teachings with Jennifer Lauck. Three days long, this annual event in Manzanita draws writers from around the country for an inspiring weekend of community and advice. We’ll be talking about Michelle Obama’s new book, Becoming, and looking at short literary fiction by Margaret Atwood and Laurie Moore. This workshop will also allow you to write on your own or through prompts I’ll provide each day. Finally, we will explore unique brainstorming techniques to help you outline your memoir, novel, essay or short story!
Beach Retreat


30 Week Studio Audio: This is a great way to be part of the Studio without worrying about attending a live class. Each week a link arrives on your private site page and you get three hours of advice and instruction! Just download and go.

30 Week Studio Audio
The Bones of Storytelling Audio: This is a required class for everyone who comes into the Studio, but it’s also a great way to dip your toe in the water of the larger program. In this 15 hour workshop, you will learn your literary foundations: Concept, theme, plot, structure, setting and antagonistic forces. And it’s free. Click on the link and enter this password: BOSA2017
Bones Audio